What is the average typing speed?


The average typing speed is around 40 words per minute (wpm). However, your speed will vary depending on how long you have been typing for and how fast you can type without making mistakes. If you are just starting out, your speed will be lower than the average. However, with practice, you can increase your speed significantly.

How to Measure Typing Speed

टाइपिंग स्पीड का माप लेने के लिए, आप 'Words per minute' (WPM) और 'Keystrokes per hour' (KPH) दोनों का उपयोग क#.

1. WPM मा#:

-Typingtestnow.com online typing test lakhon users ke saath sahi tarah se kaam kar rahi hai. Is website ka ek feature hai jiska naam hai wpm test. Aap isse apne typing speed ko measure kar sakte hain.Ye ek timed test hai jo ki 60 second ke andar complete hone wali hoti hai aur isme aapko paragraph me diye gaye words ko type karna hota hai. Agar aap poora paragraph 60 second me type nahi karte to bhi aapka score calculate hoga. Iska matlab yeh hai ki aap jo bhi words type karte ho uska count hogaaaur uske hisab se aapki typing speed measure ki jaayegi

The Average Typing Speeds of Different People

लोगों की औसत टाइपिंग स्पीड

1. व्यावसायिक: शारीरिक दुर्‍‌फ़ो‍‍‌‍​‍‌​‍​‌​‌​‌​​फ़ा औ�� ‍‌फ़ाफ़ा ‌​ka ‌maidan hai, jo logon ko unki shuruaat se lekar aakhiri tippani tak sikhaya jaata hai. Aamtaur par, yeh 10 se 20 wpm tak hota hai. 2. Professionals: Inmein se kuch logon ke liye yeh kaafi fast hai aur ve 30 se 40 wpm tak type kar sakte hain. 3. Gamers: Yeh Un logon ke liye fastest typing speed hoti hai jo online games khelte hain. Aamtaur par yeh 60 wpm se bhi jyada ho sakti hai. 4. Experienced typists: Jab

लोगों के द्वारा टाइप करने की औसत गति

1. सामान्‌ लोग - 40 अं‌क / मि0
2. ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ highly skilled typists - 50 to 80 wpm
3. ‌‌professional typists - ‌60 to 95 wpm
4. expert typists - 80 to 120 wpm

The Fastest Typists in the World

विश्व के सबसे तेज टाईप कर्‍ने वालों में से एक 184 wpm (words per minute) से अ‍ज़ादी ग‍ढ़ा ह‌ै,

184 wpm (words per minute) world record for the fastest typing is held by a woman named Barbara Blackburn. She set this record in 2005 using a Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. The average typing speed is 41.4 wpm, which means that most people type at speeds below 60 wpm.

टाइपिंग स्पीड क्या है?


Why is It Important to Know Your Typing Speed?

क्या आपको पता है कि अपने टाइपिंग स्‍पीड के बारे में जानna काise important hai?

Well, if you didn't know already, your typing speed can actually impact your career in a big way. Here are some reasons why it is important to know your typing speed:

1. It can help you get a better job: In today's competitive job market, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with strong typing skills. Having a fast typing speed makes you more attractive to potential employers and can give you an edge over other candidates.

2. It can help you advance in your career: Even if you already have a job, being able to type quickly can help you move up the corporate ladder. Those who can type quickly and efficiently are typically seen as being more productive and capable workers.

3. It can save you time: In our fast-paced world, time is precious. If you're able to type quickly, you'll be able to get your work done more quickly and free up some extra time for yourself.

4. It can make you more money: If you

How to Improve Your Typing Speed

टाइपिंग की गति में सुधार कैसे लाएं
1. अपनी आवाज़ मे type karein. Aap chahe to ek text file mein likh kar usse apne computer ya laptop mein save bhi kar sakte hain aur fir use apni typing speed badhaane ke liye har roj type kar sakte hain.
2. Kuch basic cheezon ka dhyan rakhein jaise ki aapko jis word mein jyada time lage us word ko left hand se type karna chahiye aur right hand se tab tak type karna chahiye jab tak yeh pura na ho jaye, issey aapki typing speed mein sudhaar aayega.
3. Aksar log yeh galti karte hain ki ve dusre ko dekhkar type karte hain, issey unki nazar seedhi nahin rehti aur typing mein time lagta hai, isliye yeh dhyan rakhna jaruri hai ki sirf


The average typing speed is about 40 words per minute. This means that you can type about 2,400 words in an hour. If you want to increase your typing speed, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you are using the proper finger placement on the keyboard. Second, practice typing as much as possible. The more you type, the faster you will become. Finally, try using a typing program to help improve your speed and accuracy.