What happens if a drunken man boards the Delhi metro?

Aarav Khatri - 11 Jul, 2023

Introduction: The Delhi Metro and Public Conduct

As a daily commuter and occasional observer of the Delhi Metro, I've seen a lot. From the hustle and bustle of the morning rush hour to the quiet lull of the late nights, the metro is a microcosm of the city's diverse populace. It's a fascinating place to observe human behaviour, especially when things go off-script. And nothing screams 'off-script' more than a drunken man boarding the metro. It's a scenario that isn’t common, but when it does happen, it’s an event that's hard to ignore.

Initial Confusion: The Entry and Ticket Purchase

The moment a drunken man steps into a metro station, the confusion starts, both for him and the people around him. Navigating through the ticket purchasing process can be a difficult task for a person who's not in their right senses. The usual ease with which commuters use the automated ticket vending machines or the token counters becomes a Herculean task. Bumping into fellow commuters, struggling to insert the coins or notes, and sometimes even forgetting where they have to go - it's a sight that can be both amusing and pitiful.

The Wait: A Balancing Act on the Platform

The platform is where the real challenge begins. The simple act of waiting for the metro becomes a balancing act. Drunken men can often be seen swaying, staggering, and sometimes even sitting on the platform floor. For the regular commuter, this is a disturbing sight. It's a stark reminder of how alcohol can reduce a person to a state where even the simplest tasks become a struggle.

Boarding the Metro: A Roller Coaster Ride

When the metro finally arrives, boarding it can seem like a roller coaster ride for a drunken man. The moving train, the rush of the crowd, and the sudden change of platform level can be overwhelming. It's a spectacle that makes other commuters uncomfortable and wary. It disrupts the normal flow of things, and the atmosphere in the metro changes from being a mundane routine to an eventful journey.

In the Metro: A Discomforting Journey

The journey in the metro is discomforting, not just for the drunken man, but for the other passengers as well. Conversations cease, eyes wander, and an uncomfortable silence prevails. The usually ignored announcements about keeping the metro clean and maintaining decorum suddenly seem more relevant. The drunken man, oblivious to the discomfort he's causing, continues to be in his own world, often talking loudly to himself or dozing off uncomfortably.

Dealing with the Situation: Metro Authorities and Passengers

Dealing with a drunken man in the metro isn't easy. Both the metro authorities and fellow passengers find themselves in a tricky situation. While some passengers prefer to ignore the situation, others may step in to help or confront the man. The metro authorities, on the other hand, have to balance maintaining order and ensuring safety without causing any unnecessary commotion. It's a delicate situation that requires tact and patience.

Disembarking: The End of the Ordeal

Disembarking from the metro is the final challenge. The drunken man, now even more disoriented after the metro ride, struggles to get off at the right station. Sometimes, they miss their station and have to be escorted off at the terminal station by the metro staff. It's a relief for the other passengers to see the man leave, but it's also a reminder of the ordeal they just witnessed.

Conclusion: The Aftermath and Lessons Learned

When a drunken man boards the Delhi metro, it's not just a journey, but an event that leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved. It's a sobering reminder of the effects of alcohol and the importance of responsible drinking. It's a lesson in empathy and patience for the passengers and the metro staff. But more than anything, it's a plea for maintaining decorum and respect in public spaces. Because after all, the Delhi Metro is more than just a mode of transport - it's a shared space that reflects our society.

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