How is life like for someone from India, living in London?

Aarav Khatri - 30 Jul, 2023

From Tandoori to Fish and Chips: The Culinary Journey

Adapting to new cuisines is always part of the adventure when you shift from one country to another. As someone from India, my taste buds were attuned to the spicy, aromatic flavors of Indian cuisine. The transition to London's signature fish and chips or a good old English breakfast was certainly a cultural shock to my palate, but a delightful one nevertheless. Over time, I warmed to British culinary traditions while still harboring an undying love for my home cuisine. It's fascinating how one can find a delightful mix of Indian savors at various eateries in London, from high-end restaurants to local takeaways. The city has a remarkable palette that caters to various gastronomic preferences. A plate of hot curry rivals an equally mouth-watering Shepherds Pie, proving that London is a multicultural hub, and not just in terms of its populace.

London, the Immortal City: Navigating Its Extensive History

India undoubtedly has a rich history and an abundance of architectural heritage, but London's history is inextricably woven into its present. It gracefully unites the old with the new, juxtaposing towering skyscrapers with medieval architecture. Walking through familiar London streets, one can stumble upon striking Victorian buildings or even remnants of the ancient Roman Wall. Devouring British history has become a pastime for me and the revelation of London's multifaceted past feels like peeling an onion, delightful layer by another. From the awe-inspiring architecture of the Tower of London to fascinating street art in Shoreditch, each corner of the city seems to whisper tales from the past.

From Hindi to Cockney: A Linguistic Adventure

Language has been another interesting area of transition. From the melodious phonetics of my mother tongue Hindi to the subtle nuances of the English accent, it's been an incredible journey of linguistic discovery. Adapting to the lyrical rise and fall of the British accent was a challenge, especially the infamous Cockney rhyming slang! It’s comical how the same language I once prided myself on mastering could render me utterly confused in a different zip code. Yet, London’s multiculturalism shines again as it is not uncommon to hear Hindi, Punjabi, or Bengal on the streets. The blend of languages heard on London's streets paints a vibrant linguistic canvas, reflecting the city’s diverse inhabitants.

Diverse Fashion: From Cotton Kurtas to Wool Sweaters

As someone habituated to cotton kurtas and loose linen trousers in hot Indian summers, the transition to wool sweaters, scarves and boots in chilly London was more than just a change of wardrobe. It was about imbibing a completely new culture through fashion. London fashion is akin to its weather - unpredictable, versatile and creates an aura of constant anticipation. I was amused to discover Londoners' uncanny ability to layer clothes stylishly! From vibrant Shoreditch hipsters to suave Knightsbridge gentlemen, London's style spectrum has broadened my fashion senses beyond colorful traditional Indian attire.

Beyond Cricket: Sporting Enthusiasm

I must confess, I was a devout cricket fan and my knowledge of football was limited to knowing it involved a lot of running and a ball. Coming to London gave me a front-row seat to the fervor and zeal that accompanies the revered sport. From local pubs to majestic stadiums, the city bleeds football and helped me broaden my sports enthusiasm beyond the cricket pitch. Immersing myself in the electrifying atmosphere of a live game at Wembley remains an exhilarating experience. Today, I find myself cheering for Arsenal while still holding onto my loyalty for Team India in cricket.

Climate Shock: From Tropical to Temperate

I used to consider the monsoon season back in India as a significant weather shift until I moved to London! The city showed me the true meaning of temperamental weather changes! One minute there's sunshine, the next there's a downpour, and if you’re really lucky, you might also witness an impromptu hailstorm. Embracing these swift transitions, I learned to never venture out without an umbrella or a good weather app. Despite the infamous weather, I came to love the chill winters and moderate summers, embracing the rain as a part of the London experience. Beautiful rainy days at Hyde Park or the sight of a rare rainbow is a fine compensation for the unpredictability.

In essence, life as an Indian in London is a myriad of experiences. It's a beautiful blend of home and adventure, learning and unlearning, holding on and letting go. It's where warm samosa parties coexist with refined wine tastings, where saris meet tweed coats, and where you witness the Thames while reminiscing about the Ganges. Each day brings a new delight, a fresh perspective and an appreciation for this charming eclectic blend of cultures London is.

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